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Snow-capped mountains that pierce the sky. Lakes of deep emerald. Giant redwood forests and tumbling waterfalls. Prairies that stretch for miles. Vibrant cities and picturesque towns. There is no end to Canada’s scenic diversity.

A place where the locals welcome you with open arms, where the natural beauty exceeds any other and where the diversity mesmerises, Canada is almost unimaginably vast.

It stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the latitude of Rome to beyond the Magnetic North Pole. Its archetypal landscapes are the Rocky Mountain lakes and peaks, the endless forests and the prairie wheatfields, but Canada holds landscapes that defy expectations; rainforest and desert lie close together in the southwest corner of the country, while in the east a short drive can take you from fjords to lush orchards.

This means that the country has just about every natural habitat going, from ice-bound polar islands in the far north to sun-drilled pockets of desert along the United States border. Between these extremes the country’s mountains, forests and grasslands support an incredible variety and profusion of wildlife. It also means you can indulge in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits if you wish. Do hiking, skiing, fishing, horse-riding, rafting, canoeing and whale-watching whet your appetite? A lot of these activities take place in National and Provincial Parks.

Whether you choose to see the highlights of eastern Canada, such as Toronto and the Niagara Falls, or Vancouver and the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains in the west, you are sure to return.

  • Currency
    Canadian Dollar
  • Timezone
    Between GMT -5 hours and GMT - 8 hours
  • Famous For
    Niagra Falls, National and Provincial Parks
  • Don't Miss
    Toronto, Vancouver, Niagra Falls, Rocky Mountains, whale watching and so much more!
  • Highlights
    Vibrant cities, picturesque towns, hiking, skiing, fishing, horse riding, rafting & canoeing

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Departure Airport: Birmingham

Indirect Flights

Carrier Depart Arrive Days of Operation Flight Duration Via Operates
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KLM 06:00 13:30               15:30 Amsterdam  01/01/2015 30/12/2016
Lufthansa 06:15 12:15               14:00 Frankfurt  01/01/2015 30/12/2016
KLM 09:40 13:30               11:50 Amsterdam  01/01/2015 30/12/2016

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